Scotland: United They Stand


News sources all over the world this week have been broadcasting what the United Kingdom has been barreling toward for over a year: The Scottish Referendum for Independence.
The vote finally took place yesterday after years of waiting. After staying up all night (twitter blew up with the #indyreferendumallnighter hashtag- I know. I helped) and watching each of the 32 councils come in 1 by 1, I’m am so pleased to say SCOTLAND IS STAYING IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. Watching those first councils come in as decidedly NO made me so proud of the Better Together campaign.


I’ve been working with this campaign since I fell so in love with Scotland during my internship in their parliament last summer.
I’m so proud of Scotland! Such a brave and beautiful country. Many people are giving Scots a hard time saying, “I never want to hear Scotland be called brave again. Brave heart would be so disappointed!” NEWSFLASH: Braveheart (the true events) took place around 1200 AD. Things change. The movie? Inaccurate. So to say Scotland can’t call itself brave anymore because “Scots let down Mel Gibson”? Ridiculous.
Scotland was braver than ever. It voted against what most countries would do and stayed united. It did what the majority thought was better for the country’s future- not what movies and other countries wanting independence would do. Scotland took the road less travelled, and I can’t wait to see how their future brightens.

Scotland, the brave. I love your strength! I’m amazed and proud to say I was here for this moment.

Better Together.


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