And We’re Off! Honolulu here we come


Tuesday 1-5-2016

Well today has been a whirlwind of a day to say the least. It feels like I woke up in San Diego days ago. As Rebecca and I woke up this morning sitting in the Hilton in San Diego I can guarantee we had NO idea what was ahead. We haven’t really had a spare second today. We woke up around 6:50 this morning to shower and get ready for the day and made all of our phone calls before we left. (Don’t be offended if you didn’t get a call, as we didn’t make as many as we should have because we were of course running late!)After our calls it was about 8:05 so we ran downstairs to get breakfast and fit whatever food we could into the little to-go containers. Our bus was scheduled to pull away from the hotel and head to Ensenada at 8:20 so we really had to hustle to even make it to the bus on time. So we took our little to-go containers and ran up stairs and somehow figured out how to carry all of our bags down at once. As we finally approached and handed our bags off to the crew to hop on the bus we had a “weird twin moment”; we simultaneously looked at each other and said something along the lines of: “I don’t think we really know what we’re getting ourselves into”. Nonetheless we hopped on the bus and headed towards Mexico. It didn’t take long to get to the border. Crossing the border was actually a lot easier than I expected. All we had to do was show our passport, fill out a very small form, and get out so they could check the bus. As we got off of the bus at the border we met our very first friends: twins! We also got to meet a few more people which was really nice. After our little Mexican border adventure we were on our way again. The bus ride consisted of Rebecca and I talking while enjoying a beautiful scenic drive to Ensenada. As we finally approached the port we were able to see our ship and future home for the next few months. It was really cool. When we got to the ship and past customs and the other nine million checks they do to make sure you are who you say you are, we were finally allowed onto the ship. There really are no words to describe how freaking pretty this ship is. It is so fancy and just so nice. Everything about it is just gorgeous. As we got checked in, Rebecca and I were just in awe, and slightly overwhelmed by everything. After check in we got to our room and finally got everything situated and put away so we headed to lunch. The food on the ship is decent, but after two meals here I feel like I may loose some weight on this trip. I haven’t really been hungry at all yet so maybe my lack of appetite has something to do with the fact that I don’t think the food doesn’t entirely earn 5 stars, but then again maybe it just isn’t. After lunch we hung out and tried to nap but there was so much going on yesterday there just wasn’t time. Before we knew it, it was 16:00 and time for the lifeboat drill. Of course, Rebecca and I got yelled at during this for looking at each other with these huge life jackets around our neck and just laughing and talking to one another, but it’s fine. Finally, it was 17:00 and after a very long day it was time to depart for Honolulu. It was raining and cold, but we stayed around for a while and I’m glad we did because we met a group of really cool people who we ended up eating dinner with. After hanging out with these people and eating dinner, Rebecca and I kind of wandered around and met people here and there. I was surprised by how many people are actually nice and fun. It was cool to meet people and just talk to them. After meeting what seems like a million people, we went to a small introduction and meeting about ship life. We were all so tired that we really just couldn’t wait for the meeting to be over and head to bed. So once it was over, that’s just what we did. It about 21:00 now and I am more than ready for bed. This whole journey is something I am SO excited for, but perhaps I’m most excited to experience it with my best friend. I can’t wait to get this show on the road, or water….whatever.

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