Vacation! Orléans


So recently my school had their two week winter vacation. I know. Classes just got started and already a two week vacation! So me and four other girls that I had meet here decided to spend twelve days in Spain and Italy having a grand old time. However, the vacation did not go as planned. the second night in Spain one of the girl’s purses got stolen with all her IDs and cards, including her passport! So we spent that night in the police station and the next morning at the American consulate. As soon as we got home from the consulate one of the other girls got some bad news from home.  That was our last day in Spain in the girl who got the bad news wanted to make the best of it.

We then got up at the butt crack of dawn to fly out to Rome. Rome was great! We often ate lunch and dinner with a view of some cool building or other, including the Vatican and the Pantheon! Then we got to Salerno, Italy. It was a sketchy hostel in a sketchy part of town and when we tried to wash our clothes in the community washing machine an old Italian lady started yelling at us because we tried to take her shoes out of the washing machine! (maybe that’s her shoe storage place *shrugs) So instead of washing our clothes we bought new underwear! We once again got up early to go to Florence, Italy. Unfortunately, one of the other girls became violently ill and passed out on the way there. She received a shot in the bum for that.  Our last few days of vacation were spent taking it easy in Florence, Italy, one of the most gorgeous towns I’ve seen so far and THAT is saying something. Now onto the month of March and my next adventure!


P.S. Sorry for the wonky pictures still trying to figure out the website!


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