Argentina: 18 then 20 then 24 hours on a bus!


Long time, no write! And so much has happened since we last caught up with each other. But, don’t blame me, blame my lack of time and spotty wifi!

So the past three weeks have been a whirlwind!

Two weekends ago, Megan and I packed a bag and headed off to Santiago, Chile (after 18 hours on a bus) to meet up with other rebels abroad (Including Riley who is also on this blog, so check her out!) for Lollapalooza Chile. And it was fantastic. We saw Eminem (I cried 5 times), Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine and other really good acts. I wish we had more time to explore the city, but we only had two days, most of which were spent in Parque O’Higgins for the festival. But, to be fair, it was a very nice park. The only downer of the trip was that I lost my wallet and my little action camera (it’s like a GoPro but it’s not a GoPro). BUT, by some miracle, a man in Santiago sent me a Facebook message saying that he found my wallet and that he will send it back to me. All of the cards in it are cancelled, but I love that wallet so it’ll be nice to get it back. And it has my Kroger card in it. It’s the little things, you know.


After 20 hours back on buses, Megan and I had one day of down time in Cordoba until we had to pack up all of our stuff again and get on ANOTHER bus (this one was 24 hours long) to Iguazú Falls all the way up in the northeastern part of the country that borders Brazil and Paraguay.


(We went with a group called Intercambio Cordoba, which is a group for exchange students here in the city. They organize big trips, small trips, city tours, and parties so that exchange students can meet one another as well as other locals. For anyone out there considering studying abroad here in Cordoba, I fully recommend them!)


There are no words to describe the beauty and sheer spectacle of Iguazú. The waterfalls were gigantic and so incredibly loud. We took a boat ride in the river underneath the falls and the driver drove us straight under. It was incredible and I was soaking for around 4 hours afterwards. Wearing my shoes was very uncomfortable because I felt like I was walking around in a river. The next day while the rest of the group went to the Brazil side of the falls, the students from the US stayed behind. The fee for the visa is around $200 and it wasn’t worth it for just the one day. But we did get to go to a wildlife refuge and see the “Tres Fronteras”, where you look across the river and on your left you see Paraguay and on your right you see Brazil. We also got to eat some semi-authentic Brazilian food (a Brazilian guy cooked it), so we were actually the real winners of the day.

This past weak has been spent detoxing and trying to get back into a regular routine. It is so nice just to be able to stay in Cordoba for at least a week to catch up on sleep, hydration, and healthy eating.

But, stay tuned because I will be having more adventures very very very soon!

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