Since I last posted, I’ve left Australia and I’m now in Hong Kong for my “autumn” break! As I flew into Hong Kong it was just before the sunset, so I had an amazing view of the city as I landed. I almost felt as if we were going to land in the Harbor and then at the last second the runway appeared. I was in Hong Kong for six weeks prior to arriving in Australia, so it was nice to be back. I think of Hong Kong as my second home in a way because my family has so much history here. My grandparents moved here and raised my dad here and this is also where my parents met. The only family that I now have left here is my mom’s youngest sister, my Auntie Josephine, who moved here and never left after visiting my mom when she was 18. It was nice to be with family again after being away from home for a little over three months now. For these two weeks, I’m staying with my Aunt in her sweet little fishing village and with her lovable, not tiny, Great Dane, Tate.




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Last weekend I went to the Rugby Sevens, which was definitely an experience I will never forget. My dad’s younger brother, my Uncle Dave and his daughter, my cousin Sascha, were visiting Hong Kong as well and took me to the weekend long game. I hadn’t seen either of them in about six years so it was nice to catch up and spend the weekend with them before they left to travel to Thailand. So the way the Sevens work is there are three days of multiple games played by the teams of many countries. I have to say that the tournament’s social atmosphere was not exactly like Game Day and being in the Grove, but it definitely rivals it. Everyone was enjoying themselves and the party never ended for the whole three days. There’s a famous part of the stands called the Southside, which is known for the crazy costumes people wear. I saw every costume known to man over the weekend. A few that come to mind were groups of nuns, giant babies, flamingos, and tons of superheroes. I opted not to wear a costume, but instead represented Ole Miss and wore all our schools gear! Sascha and I cheered on all of our nationalities (USA, England and Russia) which made it really hard to lose all the bets we made 🙂 I was happy to see that USA did quite well and even made it to the World Series Plate Finals, but in the end lost to England.

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This past week I’ve been helping my Aunt out at her office. She runs an amazing event company called Orient Unlimited, who produce everything from fashion shows to product launches. Seeing as I’m a marketing major, I’ve been helping with her company’s social media platforms and their marketing. It’s been amazing to gain experience in the field and get myself ready for the big bad world after I graduate in next spring! Sadly, next week is my last week with my Aunt and then I fly back down to Sydney. When I get back to school I expect that there will be heavy loads of work to do seeing as there is just over a month of classes left! It’s crazy how time is flying by and I’m already half way done with my semester abroad!

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