Tokyo, Japan: Temporary Art Exhibits


One of my goals for the year is to go to as many of Tokyo’s museums and art exhibits as I can.  Because of limited space and a plethora of artists and designers in the area, most art exhibits are temporary here, including some that only last for a week or even just the weekend.  Most generally last about 1 or 2 months.  When you go abroad and explore the city I highly encourage you to get lost for a bit walking around and see what kind of exhibits you can find. Also, read posters and try to find online a website that shows current happenings in your area.

One of the first exhibits I went to was an Art Aquarium Exhibit in Nihonbashi.  Rather than big tanks and tons of fish, this exhibit focused on beautifully designed tanks holding ornamental goldfish.  The exhibit was dark so that the tanks could be outlined by an ongoing light show in the room.



There was an exhibit in Ginza featuring extremely rare plants from around the world:

I swear I didn’t touch it but I tried to take a picture and this cactus snapped right in front of me. So here’s an even more rare sighting of a broken cactus:

And of course, my favorite part of Tokyo and Japan is the ever-present kawaii culture so I’ve tried to find as many exhibits as i can that relate to that field.

At a temporary build-your-own-cupcake and cotton candy bar in Omotesando:

(the cupcake was 19 dollars so sorry no photo)

At White Space in Omotesando:

And an Econeco Exhibit in Daikanyama:

Another tip to find local events is to follow people on instagram or twitter that live in the area and have the same interests as you.  Many of the places I have gone to is because I see it featured on my instagram feed.


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