Tokyo: Halloween in Shibuya


Halloween in Japan was never a a big holiday in until about five years ago when people went to Shibuya for the night to go bar hopping.  But the bars were so full that people spilled out into the streets still partying in costumes.  Now, during Halloween the road is closed to traffic and the streets are completely packed with people in outrageous costumes.  This year, the party went on for a full three nights.

It probably took us around 20 minutes just to get to the FX sign.  There were so many people that you just had to go where you were pushed until you could find a clearing big enough to change direction in.

Some of the most memorable costumes:

A monochromatic old-time family picture(also the swan behind them)

Pineapple-apple-pen : a very popular meme in Japan right now.

This group of seven feminine Santas

The dancing shark party (there were about 7 more behind me)

People tend to go all out for their costumes in Japan as it’s much more of an adult holiday than a children’s holiday here.  So if you’re ever in Tokyo during Halloween, yes, the crowds are absolutely worth seeing the craziness and joining the street party.

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