Czech Republic: Czeching Out Home


Ahoj! I have been in Prague for a week now and all I can say is WOW! Prague truly looks like a fairytale city. The architecture is stunning, the food is amazing, and the people are great. Before arriving here, I had never been to Europe before so had some extremely high expectations thanks to Google images and Pinterest, but Prague looks even better in person than it does in photos. I am constantly in awe of this magnificent place.


When I arrived in Prague at the airport I was picked up by my program, CEA, and they drove me to my apartment. My apartment is great, I share it with three roommates and we have two bedrooms, a huge bathroom, a powder room, washer, and a great kitchen and living area. Our apartment is in a great location, just 4 blocks from a shopping center with grocery stores, shops, tons of restaurants, and the tram and metro. In about 10-15 minutes on the tram I’m able to be right in the heart of Ole Town!


On our first full day in Prague my friends and I went exploring to see all the big sites. We walked across the Charles Bridge, roamed around Ole Town Square, and saw the astronomical clock. We also all got a trdelnik, which is a pastry that’s like a donut in the shape of a cone and filled with different sweets of your choosing. I got mine with just ice cream in the center and it was delicious!


I just started classes this week and it looks like I’ll have a full plate for the semester since I’m taking 15 hours, but I know that in the end it’ll be all worth having this experience of a lifetime! I know that school comes first so I plan on dedicating school days (Monday through Wednesdays) to all my work and using my free time on the weekends to explore the rest of Europe!


After living in Prague for just one week I can already tell that this semester is going to be an incredible experience and I cannot wait to see everything the Czech Republic, and the rest of Europe has to offer!




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