Czech Republic: Guten tag, Berlin


Two weekends ago I went to Berlin, Germany! Now I will admit, my expectations were pretty high for Germany, I’d heard so many great things about it from several people, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. The city wasn’t very beautiful but it was extremely interesting learning more about Berlin’s history.

On Friday we took a tour of the undergrounds and learned about the tunnels people dug to escape East Berlin during the Cold War. I had always known that people in East Berlin were constantly trying to escape to the West, but I always believed that they were only climbing over the wall, not digging tunnels underground for months at a time.

On Saturday we took a bike tour through the city to all the main sights. We saw Parliament, the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Museum Island, and the Berlin Wall. My favorite part of Berlin was Brandenburg Gate, it was beautiful! The Brandenburg Gate was built in the late 1700s and is one of the only structures that wasn’t destroyed during WWII. Almost all the old looking buildings in Berlin are actually fairly new and were built after the war, and some as recent at 1993, yet they look hundreds of years old.

My visit to Berlin may not have been what I was expecting, but if anything it made me appreciate Prague and its beauty so much more. After this trip I am so happy with the city I chose to spend four months of my life in! Coming back to Prague felt like coming home and I’m so thankful that I feel so comfortable in this city. I only hope I continue to love it more and more as time goes on!

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    Had no idea that the German from the East dug tunnel to escape to North, thanks for the info.
    Nice read and photos

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