France:Home Away From Home


Since we last spoke I have discovered something truly amazing here in Aix, a Mexican restaurant. Its not exactly La Parilla like we have in Georgia, but it is so much more.  We discovered Tapa’s Café from another America student here. It drew our attention because we heard it had guacamole so we made a point to go that Tuesday and it was the best decision ever.  We did the whole nine yard because we were so deprived of Mexican which included margaritas, guacamole, and fajitas (thankfully my roommate is as much into Mexican as I am).  We were not sure exactly what we ordered but we recognized fajita so we assumed it was okay. What came was better than any normal fajita. We were served a large grilled burrito-esque item, potatoes with an amazing sauce, and a tiny salad. The Burrito was filled with chicken, guacamole, cheese, pepper, and many other things we couldn’t translate. This experience was so amazing that we had made Tapa’s Tuesday a once a week holiday and I am even about to go tonight here in a few hours. img_5752

I can’t put into words how much finding this place brought us joy. It is the little things that remind you of home and make you feel not so far away from everyone you love just for a moment.  Since I have been in France it has slowly come into perspective just how far away I am from my normal life, surrounded by familiar faces and places back in America. I have been here for over a month now and Aix is forming into my new home. Now, when we go on weekend trips I no longer think about my home in the US but miss my new city here.  My roommates and I find ourselves enjoying the travels, but always love coming home to our peaceful home in Aix.



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