Things I Thought I’d Never Miss…


IMG_4343IMG_4363           After being in France for a month and a half, there are some interesting things that I have started to miss. The number one thing that I miss is the English language. Learning French for me is like trying to ride a bike backwards through a minefield. I am learning a lot but my brain needs a break. Good thing spring break is less than a month away. I wish humankind invented a switch for your brain that could automatically translate different languages into your native language.

I am getting a little restless here. I have been missing a lot of weird things lately. I am totally serious when I say, I MISS red bricks! Everything in France is made with white concrete. There are endless white buildings and they are driving me crazy.

Another thing that I didn’t expect to miss is the sound of American sirens. I live in a foyer that is close to a hospital and that means that I hear a lot of French sirens. I honestly think that I have forgotten what American sirens sound like.

I also miss regular television shows. You know… being able to turn on the TV and search through the channels to find something interesting. I like to watch TLC, old Disney shows, Survivor, and sports in English. I don’t have a TV here and even if I did there they only show French TV shows.

And of course I miss hamburgers, American breakfast food, and being able to order pizza over the phone. Don’t get me wrong…. French food is great but American food is calling me back stateside. I cannot wait to get off the plane in Memphis and go straight to Huey’s to get a Texas Melt Burger and some french fries. I have though about it this a lot.


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