Spring Break: Prague


Well… I’m back and I’m sorry for going MIA for so long. Between group projects and mid-terms, there was very little time for anything other than studying. As soon as I finished my mid-terms, I took off for spring break, but no worries because I’m back and can’t wait to tell you about all of my exciting travels. First stop Prague, Czech Republic.

Arriving in Prague and walking the rainy streets the first night there was truly a storybook experience.

The Astronomical Clock

Our hostel was in a great location. We even stumbled upon the beautiful astronomical clock the very first night. However, we didn’t see its exciting show until a couple of days later. (By exciting, I mean a few bells and some dancing statues) It’s definitely a must-see if you’re ever in Prague. It may not turn out as exciting as one would think, but it’s still pretty cool. The clock itself is amazing with its intricate features.

One of my favorites things we did in Prague was a free walking tour. The tour we participated in was the Prague Royal Walk Free Tour by Discover Prague Tours. It’s something I would recommend doing first thing because it gave us a great idea of our surroundings and gave us some ideas of things to do. Our tour guide, Kevin from Nashville, Tenn., knew of some great local places to recommend for traditional Czech cuisine.

Our first traditional meal was at Pivince Stupartka (try saying that three times fast). Czech cuisine is very hearty – full of meat, potatoes, bread, and, of course, beer. Surprisingly, beer is cheaper than water in Prague. Goulash is one of the most popular meals in the Czech Republic, so that’s what I had to try first. Goulash is beef in gravy with bread dumplings.

It was delicious! We couldn’t end the day without trying one of the famous Trdlnk’s.  It was everything I hoped it would be, and I made sure to have one every day I was there. That’s not hard to do when they’re around every corner you turn.

Later that night, we had to “Czech out” the largest club in Europe, The Five-Story Club. This five-story club included an Ice Pub where you wear parkas and gloves. They only allow you thirty minutes inside because it is so cold, but it’s totally worth the experience. After the Ice Pub, you are free to explore the rest of the floors of the club which include oxygen, dance, and oldies floors. We stayed on the oldies floor the most!

For our last day in Prague, we tried Den Noc for brunch. It’s a very small pancake place that many people had recommended to us. It was delicious! I decided to get their pancakes with chocolate, bananas, and cream.

Once we inhaled our pancakes, we headed over to the John Lennon Wall. It was everything we expected it to be and more. Of course, we had to have a photo shoot there and once we finished that, we headed up to the Prague Castle. Warning… Be prepared for a hike if you decide to walk it. There were many, many stairs involved to get to the top, but definitely worth it. The views were amazing and we could see out over all of Prague. We were lucky because it was such a beautiful day.

Cathedral inside the Prague Castle

To finish out our day and time in Prague, we went to one more pub for dinner. I had a pork chop with an herbal butter and fries, and it was amazing! I wanted another after I had finished it.

The John Lennon Wall

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