Switzerland: It’s Raining Men! (I wish.)


Well, I’m still in Switzerland, and this is the forecast for the next week:


No more hiking, no more picnics, no more running outside. Must…go…on…

Maybe this is the world’s way of saying, “You should probably start studying, Madison.” Yeah…well…maybe the world’s right. Most of my final exams are less than a month away, which is terrifying. Also, taking into consideration that I will be in Greece until the day of my first exam, I better get my bottom into gear.

Due to the rain, things have been fairly quiet in Fribourg. I’ve had a few drinks with friends, played party games, went out for sushi and sang karaoke; but for the most part, the library has become my new best friend. Just look at how studious I am!


I’ve also been hit with a bit of insomnia, meaning that coffee has turned into an even more rampant addiction. Between coffee, wine, and the library, I’m not sure which is worse. But first, let’s take a minute to appreciate just how beautiful this cappuccino is.


On a more positive note, at the very end of June, I will be going to the Canary Islands to work as an au pair for a family with two daughters! I really could have picked a more depressing place, right? The family was even willing to help out with the plane ticket, so as soon as I have all my finals in order, I’m going to hit the road, Jack. And I have eight finals, mind you.

I’m not terribly worried about failure, except in my translation class, which is a class on translation between French and Spanish. If you remember correctly, I am American, meaning that neither French nor Spanish is my native language; while most other students in the class have at least one of these languages mastered. I talked to the professor about this dilemma, but she wouldn’t even let me use a dictionary during the exam. The result? I got a 50%. Luckily, this class isn’t going to transfer over (I think. I hope. I need to email my advisor about this…)

Before I sign off from this rather exhilarating blog post, I think we should take a moment to consider this picture:


Does this remind you of anywhere? There is no escaping Iowa! Even the rainy, spring weather is following me.

I’ll try to make the next blog post slightly more exciting, but as the weather is supposed to ‘cry me a river’, it is likely that this will not be the case. But I will promise you that if nothing exceptional is going on in my life in the next two weeks, I will offer you a subjective analysis of the beautiful country of Switzerland, its complicated language identity, and Fribourg’s multicultural environment. Riveting stuff, eh?

À plus dans le bus!

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