From Snowy Russia to Sunny Greece


Okay, okay I’ve said it many times before but one day I am actually going to move to Santorini. I’m telling you, this is the retirement island of my dreams. Amazing food, people, shopping, weather, and views, what more could you want? I guess for now let’s just add this to the long list of places that have captured my heart over the past few months.

As for the highlights of Santorini, well, there were many. Am I allowed to say that everything was a highlight? First of all, our hotel was breathtaking.

Breakfast on the balcony

My friends and I rented ATVs to explore the island, which was an absolute blast. The main towns of Oia and Fira were amazing, but so were the rural side streets and old cobblestone pathways. The mountainous alcoves and lagoons made for fantastic pictures and even better exploring. Each side of the island hid a new gem.

Oh what a view

The highlight of Santorini though was the sunrise hike that I took from Fira to Oia. If you ever get the chance to come to Greece, do this!! I am not a morning person in the slightest, but getting up at 5 am to trek along cliffs with stunning ocean views while the sun rose over distant isles was beyond worth it.

On my way to Oia!

Following my visit to Santorini, I took a ferry to Athens, which was amazing of course as well. As someone who was blown away by the mixture of ancient ruins scattered among streets of modern buildings when visiting Rome, this had the same affect. The mix of history and modern innovation was remarkable.

Just some beautiful ruins

My favorite was by far the acropolis, my second being the day I was able to spend at the beach. Trust me, after spending months in Russia, a beach was heaven. Following this trip, I headed back to Russia for a short time and then took another exciting adventure. Tune in next time to find out more!

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