Escapades across Europe: Intro


I always seem to have really high ambitions. Or start out with them I should say. While abroad, I was going to write a blog every week… I was going to journal about my lovely memories… I was going to send my sister a postcard from every new city I visited… I was going to begin on the research for my thesis abroad… Okay, so as you can probably guess, these things did not go as planned. Let us all take a minute  to laugh at these lost ambitions, while thoughtful, ones that were possibly a tad too lofty, and things that I simply did not push myself to follow through with.

And so, here we are, almost at the end of my study abroad experience. 9 months in a foreign country with a foreign language and smelly cheeses. And I am propositioning myself with one last lofty ambition I hope to accomplish. In 6 days, I leave on an almost 3 week trip to eastern Europe with my wonderful sister. We will be traipsing through 6 cities in 4 countries in 17 days. My proposition to myself is this: I want to share the funny, silly stories that transpire throughout my trip, city by city! I want to complete a blog for each city as I leave said place. I know this might seem exactly what I have been doing this entire time on the blog, but normally it has taken me weeks to get around to writing the couple hundred words and 2 or 3 photos I share. I want to vow to myself (and to maybe the few lovely people who read this) that instead of sharing memories, I will be sharing the present happenings. No, I don’t plan on being glued to my phone when I will be in the midst of these new magnificent cultures. But my hope is to take an hour or two out of the time that I would probably be sleeping and write down for my sake, the amazing anecdotes and occurrences that I hope to never forget. To write about the smells and tastes that still linger, to describe the little market that began at 6am right outside our window. Hopefully, you get the idea of my romantic hope. So as a finale for my time abroad, I am giving you a limited series:

Escapades across Europeeasterneurope
First to be featured in this limited series, and possibly the most important   The Plan:            Prague, Czech Republic 4 days   Budapest,Hungary 3 days      Zagreb, Croatia 3 days    Dubrovnik, Croatia 3 days Santorini, Greece 3 days       Athens, Greece 3 days

My sister and I have always dreamed of visiting Greece, ever since seeing the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where Lena rides a donkey through the white washed cities of Santorini. So we knew it had to be on the list of places, and what better way to finish a trip then on the beach. But before the relaxing part of the trip, we will start in Prague, a city I’ve heard is so lovely I will never want to leave. But alas, we will be continuing on to Budapest, the land of thermal baths. Then to the greenery of Croatia, where we will be exploring the waterfalls and sea that make this country a hidden treasure.

All the trains, planes, and buses have been booked. Places to stay have been found. Museums await to be discovered, and memories are soon to be made!

So lets see if I can follow through with this ambition, if I have the gumption to produce my own written mini series. Hope you enjoy it!!

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