Ep1: Prague 


The adventure is underway!! I have just left the first city of this Eastern European journey, and my heart has already been so touched on this trip by the beauty of people and life that embody this lovely city of Prague, Czech Republic. I hope to see you again soon beautiful Prague.
May 27th: Saturday

The voyage began from Saint Etienne, France (study abroad home city) at 5am on Saturday morning, and that day lasted FOREVER. My sis and I had decided to fly out of Paris because of way cheaper flights, but we didn’t think about the ordeal of traveling with our backpacks. We had kind of romanticized the idea of backpacking across Europe, I think envisioning ourselves as these cool hippies who had the strength to lug around 25lb backpacks with ease and grace. HA. 20 Minutes into waiting in line at the train station in Paris, we were ready to pawn the things off on anyone! But for better or worse, we are stuck with these things (now named: monster and little monster) for this trip. So along they came to the center of Paris, to see Notre Dame, to eat some Chipotle, and then back to the airport.

First problems of the interesting/crazy/amazing/super/whatarewedoing trip:::

1. Brooke (my sis) got pooped on by a bird!! Hahah it was hilarious. For some reason, she didn’t think so…

2. We got a 35€ ticket on the metro for buying a ticket for the wrong zone. Not a big surprise there as the French love their ticketing.

3. I accidentally withdrew 10,000 czk instead of 1,000…. thankfully to a wonderful lady at the currency shop, I was able to exchange some of it without commission, and only lost about 40€ in conversion. **Lesson learned: always triple check ATM amounts!!!!

4. Discovered that overnight trains have thermostats. Don’t stay frozen for 7 hours and then discover it 30 mins before you get off…

But despite the little problems, there are so many unexpected wonderful things that have happened!!

1. Beautiful places

our hostel/ Hostel Elf: so funky and serene

Buildings of pastel beauty!!

2. Amazing People:

Wow, if you want to make a new friend or five, just go to a hostel. The friendliness is comforting and so eye-opening! Within 3 days, I’ve met people from 4 continents and from all age groups. But better than anything, they’ve all been wonderfully kind!

Shoutout to Sam from Oregon, Chill girl from Australia, Nom from Israel, Lauren from Pittsburg, Uzo from Russia. You guys rock!!

3. Unexpected Happenings of Joy:

-sunset view of the city with cider and a new friend

-night of dancing with random strangers who become funny pals

-nice random stranger gave us tickets to a museum for free

-amazing local markets

-cheap beautiful handmade jewelry 

-park naps

-lots and lots and lots of chocolate

Prague is a city of history and culture. It offers life intertwined with classic beauty, and you can almost pretend you’ve been transported back to a differnet time. It’s clean, beautiful, and the beer is super cheap. So if you have the chance, go go go! If you don’t, make it happen!!

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