What I’m looking forward to // St. Petersburg, Russia


When studying abroad, you quickly learn that there are some things that you really miss about home and some things that you like better in your current country of residence. While studying abroad in Russia, these are the top things in America that I have missed and absolutely can’t wait to be reunited with when I return home.

  1. Good Mexican food – I know it sounds odd, returning to America, but there is a severe lack of good Mexican food in Russia. Sure, it exists, but it is nothing like what I can get back home.
  2. Boxed Mac and Cheese – As someone who absolutely loves macaroni and cheese the absence of easily accessible macaroni and cheese is quite frankly a tragedy. While boxed mac and cheese is not the greatest thing on the market, it sure seems that way when it is completely out of reach.
  3. Driving – I absolutely love driving and I often forget about that when I am doing it every day. While walking everywhere and public transport has been great, I miss the freedom of being able to go wherever, whenever I want.
  4. Sun and warmth – Okay so this isn’t exactly an American thing, but having been in eternal winter for the last couple months, I absolutely cannot wait to be able to wear something other than long sleeves and jeans.
  5. And last but not least, my family and friends – Of course this has to be on the list! It’s great to be away from home and adventuring for some amount of time, but it’s always amazing to be reunited with the people you love.

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