Switzerland: Miss Swiss Goes to France


So, I’m officially wrapping up my Switzerland stay. My exams are complete, my grades are in (mostly), and the sun is melting my Snow White flesh away. Fribourg may be cold in the winter, but due to its high altitude, I’m a boiling, hot mess.

But although my home is in Switzerland, over the last ten days, I was in France. But don’t get too excited; this was not for vacation. I started off in Lyon, where I was interviewed by L’Enseignement Catholique, the French private school system. The goal of this interview was to make sure that I wasn’t a serial killer, and I must have done okay because they sent me an email the next day notifying me that I had passed. Boy, did I have them fooled…


Following my interview, we enjoyed the treasures that Lyon has to offer. Yes, I say ‘we’ because I am pleased to announce that I have a Swiss boyfriend…of two months. My longest relationship ever. I’m sure he won’t care that I’m inserting him into this blog, as his English needs some work anyway. Just kidding. He speaks English well enough, but we only speak in French together due to my selfish desire to improve my French skills. And my master plan is working…

In Lyon, we visited a cat café, where we were able to sip hot tea while caressing adorable, long-haired felines. We hiked to the top of the basilica, we walked around the Parc de la Tête D’Or, had a picnic along the quay, and my boyfriend even purchased an antique typewriter (because he’s a nerd).

After Lyon, we spent the next several days in Paris, which was a bit of a nightmare. The Airbnb that we had booked wasn’t anything like the photos. Instead of the calm, pristine maisonette we had been expecting, we walked into a dirty, gloomy, depressing apartment, with a shower that was dirtier than our filthy bodies and a floor that was home to several small cockroaches. We spent one night there, but then we moved from cheap hotel to cheap hotel, paying a little extra cash to avoid catching the Plague. Although this was certainly annoying, we were glad to be rid of that Pit of Despair.

In Paris, we saw the play Cyrano de Bergerac at the Comédie Française, visited the Palais de Tokyo museum, walked around the Luxembourg Gardens, visited the Marais, and saw adorable cats, kittens, and puppies up for sale. Yet although Paris certainly has its charm, we were relieved to be rid of the city and on our way to Orléans…


…where I had my teacher’s exams. Yuck. Thankfully, I wasn’t called in at 5 a.m. for the tests, but the afternoon wasn’t much better. The test site had no air conditioning, and it was 95 degrees outside. By the end of my second oral exam, I was sweltering, and I don’t even remember half the things that came out of my mouth. Crossing my fingers that I passed…

Now, back in Fribourg, my room is all packed up, and I’m almost ready to head out. Next Friday, I’ll be on a flight to the Canary Islands, where my au pair family will meet me at the airport. I think I can handle a month of surfing, paddle surfing, and beaching. (And practicing my Spanish, of course.)

À plus dans le bus!

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