Festival Season


Chances are you’ve heard of K-pop or at least seen people dancing to the energetic beat of ‘Gangnam Style.’ Every April, the universities in Seoul provide free concerts to students and to the public. All the info regarding performances and dates is posted on bulletin boards around campus. Anyone can travel to any university’s festival, for free! Idol groups acts like Winner, Block B, and BlackPink take the stage in fully packed amphitheaters. Underground hip-hop groups and rappers join. Names like Jay Park, Loco, Hoody and other AOMG members are found. This is the best way to see K-pop, in the most relaxed fashion. No long lines, no waiting for tickets in the mail. Most Korean students are so accustomed to seeing these famous groups perform, they would prefer to sit and eat with their friends outside of the venue. This time of fellowship is highly encouraged. It is very similar to tailgating on the Grove. Exceptions include Soju, Korean’s clear alcoholic beverage, and chicken on a stick. The show is so well produced. The sound, light, and stage quality surpassed my expectations immensely. These festivals run for approximately one week. Most classes are canceled, and students and professors alike enjoy the brief vacation. The universities are considerate and spread out their celebrity performance dates. Luckily, the students are able to attend a different festival every night for nearly 3 weeks. I highly recommend going in the spring to study in South Korea for this reason. Entertainment is such a huge part of Korean culture.

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