Picnic at the Han


In South Korea, a popular past time includes relaxing at one of the many parks near the Han River. All the parks are so well kept and have all the facilities you need to enjoy an outing. From my experiences shared with the Korean students I befriended, purchasing mats and having chicken delivered is the norm. Often though, we order so much food-much more than just chicken. Noodles, pizza, cakes, chips and cookies tend to enter the center of the mat. Magically brought by delivery men on mopeds. It is such a relaxed and fun atmosphere; I will really miss this picnic culture. Some members of the friend group bring drinks and desserts and play traditional Korean group games while eating. It is best just to enjoy each other’s company and the weather. I attended several picnics, for the purpose of celebrating birthdays, watching fireworks, or basking in the wonderful spring weather. Ttukseom Resort and Yeouido Park are my go-to spots. Yeouido is always packed with people. There are a few water fountains and waterways you can walk through. It is common to see children splashing around here. I’ve had many hilarious experiences trying to ride a two-person bicycle along the Han River. Occasionally, they have concerts or performances in the park. Many teens bring their longboards and show off their skill. The energy here is always good.

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