Seoul N Tower


Previously referred to as “Namsam Tower,” the now, Seoul N Tower is a popular destination for dates, watching the sunset, or observing the vast city skyline. Seoul Tower was opened to the public in 1980, and has since become the symbol of Seoul and one of its most popular tourist attractions. Rising 777 feet (237 metres) above the summit of Mount Namsan, a beautiful mountain in the centre of the city, at a height of 480 metres above sea level, the Tower is the most conspicuous of Seoul’s landmarks. One can take a cable care up the tower platform. The easiest route is to come from the popular Meyong-Dong area. Once elevated, the classic “love locks” can be seen all around. Couples and friends purchase or bring lock that they attach to the gates and rails around the park that sits below the tower. Most write love notes on the locks. Many sculptures are covered with love notes and photos. The tower has several fine dining options, which makes it a great date place. You can enjoy a nice meal while watching the sun set over the city. At night the tower glows green. It is completely lit with bright lights. The tower can be easily spotted from most anywhere in the city. If traveling here, be sure the weather is not too cloudy before going up into the tower.

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