The Hanbok


A fun way to pass the time in South Korea, is to try on their traditional dress. There are Hanbok rentals near Anguk Station. These outfits are fitted for both men and women. They are lavishly decorated and typically made with fine, silk material. Men can dress with hats or crowns while women tend to dress their hair with beautiful pins and ribbons. The hanboks are loose in fit and extremely comfortable. Women can opt to wear a hoop skirt underneath or go without. All the color combinations can be picked out by the user, making it your own unique Hanbok experience. It is a common tourist attraction to pay for the rental and venture around Seoul’s most traditional village, Bukchon. Here, the homes are made of white cement, wood and brown brick. The detail and artistry in the architecture of these homes is mesmerizing. It is a fantastic place for taking photos, viewing the mountains around the city from the observatory, or sipping tea from a traditional tea house. Whatever your decided to do, wearing the Hanbok makes it a much more exciting and humorous experience. I recommend taking your friends and even inviting Koreans along. I was able to learn more history about the costumes and the area from my Korean friends that joined. There is an area, just across the street from the village, called Insadong. This area is full of Korean souvenirs and handmade trinkets. One can purchase the famous Osulluc Green Tea that originates from Jeju Island. This area is also home to a palace museum and the President’s house. All of these would take a full day to tour. Photo includes South Korean exchange student (Ole Miss ’17-’18).

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