Life in Oxford, Mississippi

Hotty Toddy!

My name is Franz and I’m from Germany. I’m doing one exchange semester at Ole Miss. And I can tell you: IT IS AWESOME! If just been for 4 weeks now, but the days fly by really fast! The campus is great and people are so friendly around here. As I’m from a University in Baden-Wuerttemberg (Shout out to beautiful Germany! If you want to come to East Wuerttemberg hit me up. It is great there. Beautiful landscapes, Stuttgart and Munich just a couple of hours away) it was quite a big adjustment in the first week of University. In Germany I only study for my exams – that’s it. No homework, no assignments, no nothing. Here you have to do a lot more, but it is ok. You get used to it very quick. If you have any questions, the fellow students and the profs will help you!

But you don’t come here just to study, do you? You come here for enjoying the time abroad. And this is definitively possible! Your global ambassadors and conversation partners (for the second one: sign up at invite you to every party. This is pretty awesome! And then there is the Square! A place almost every bar is located. It is so much fun and hard to describe. You have to see it yourself.
Ole Miss does a lot for their students. We already had a Wiz Khalifa concert for free. It was crazy. You can get free shirts and other stuff almost every day or every event. I’m still uncertain, how I will get all that stuff in my luggage. We’ll see in December.

Let’s talk about food next. We have a couple of great places for food on campus. The Grill is really good. They just reopened the student union this week. You have A LOT of different opportunities there. It is packed with students, if you get there at the wrong time you might have to wait at least an hour, so get there early or late. The mealplan makes totally sense for me. I’ll have courses on 4 weekdays, so I got the weekday Plus 1, which means I can eat one time a day. And on Fridays I’ll probably just stop by on campus and go to eat with my fellow students. It is also a great way to socialize.
Finally the most important thing here: SPORTS! Everybody is pumped for the football games. And it is great. I’ve attended both home games and it was so great. The tailgaiting on the Grove is fun. A whole bunch of people are there and everybody is so friendly, especially when you tell them, you are an exchange student. The stadium is quite big, but not the biggest I’ve seen. But the atmosphere in the student section is awesome! I’m so excited about the “big” games against SEC Teams. And we will also go to the away game in Tuscaloosa, Alabama against the Crimson Tide.

We already attended a couple of other events (soccer, volleyball) and it is incomparable. The facilities are breathtaking. Go there and see them. I have posted some photos on my private blog – so check that out as well ( If some of you have any questions just sent me an e-mail or hit me up on Facebook (Franz Wilhelm). I’ll try to keep you updated throughout the semester.
I hope you are ready for that 😉

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