Jordan: Frequently Asked Questions


My first month at MALIC in Amman, Jordan, has gone by so quickly! I studied here this past summer, and I received many questions regarding safety, the culture, being a woman, and being a Jew.

To start off, I have never truly felt unsafe here. I am cautious being in another country and am constantly with other people, but in regards to safety, I feel my experience has been one comparable to any given student’s time in a European country.

Jordanians are very kind people. My roommate and I have gotten to know some of our neighbors walking to and from class five days a week. The other day, one man gave us some fresh pita bread. Another family invited us to their house for tea. This generous culture is very humbling. Those who do not have much give everything to others when given the opportunity.

I live in a very modest country. Being a guest here (and especially a female guest), it is important to respect Jordan’s culture. I must keep my knees and shoulders covered. I usually wear leggings and a t-shirt or a sweater to class. If I go downtown, I wear jeans and a shirt. I still look very western, though, so I do occasionally get strange looks from Jordanians.

Lastly, while I keep my Judaism close to my heart, I do not make that information public while I am here. I typically wear a Star of David around my neck, but I took it off before coming here. If anyone asks, I say I am Christian, but people usually assume that already. While I do not necessarily like concealing a part of my identity, I know who I am, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Those are all of my frequency asked questions in a nutshell. I have not taken many pictures since I arrived, but here is one I took the other day walking to class. I can’t wait to share more of my experiences with you in the future!


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