My last day of class was today, so I thought I would tell you about the program I studied with this semester and why I chose it. The program is called MALIC which stands for “Modern Arabic Language Institute Center.” For the semester, I studied Arabic intensively every Sunday through Thursday from nine in the morning to one in the afternoon. I was only in a class with one other person, which really forced me to study, since that doesn’t give you much room to slack off! The teachers in their mid twenties, making it easy for us to connect with them. That connection in the classroom made me feel much more comfortable speaking up.

I chose MALIC, because I wanted to spend this semester solely focusing on improving my Arabic skills. While I learned a lot, the program itself is pretty relaxed and not very stressful. Sometimes, things can be unorganized, though. For example, my exam schedule changed several times throughout the week, which was pretty frustrating. However, in the end, everything worked out just fine.

I live within waking distance of MALIC, which I have really enjoyed. I love starting my day waking while listening to music. It’s also been my only form of exercise this semester, so it has been important to me to do this everyday. Living with someone else is so much fun, but my morning walks are my alone time, which is something I do not get much of here! The only downside of living close to MALIC is that I live so far away from everything else. I live in Jubeiha, the northern most region of Amman. I have to call an Uber to get almost anywhere in the city, which really adds up. Nevertheless, it is a small price to pay for everything I have loved so much this semester.

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