Teaching English


One of my favorite things I did this semester was teach English to kids. I know I have mentioned doing this before, but I want to explain why it was so rewarding and why everyone should try and find an opportunity like this while abroad.

Every Saturday, I went to a middle school outside of Amman in a small town called Sehab. I taught kids between ages twelve and fifteen at the intermediate level. I had to create my own curriculum, and it was the first teaching job I had ever had, but I think it went okay! I also got paid (modestly) weekly which was great for getting by each week.

I have lived in an apartment this semester, instead of with a host family. While I have really enjoyed living on my own, I am not exposed to as much Jordanian culture as I would like to be. Teaching English and getting to know the kids fills that for me. We talk about their weeks, their families and friends, and so on. They taught me just as much (if not more) as I taught them about their lives and their language.

My favorite part about this job was developing relationships with the kids. I loved hearing about their lives, and a couple of them even invited me to their homes for lunch. They would ask me all about the United States. We promised each other if they ever visited, we would see each other.

I am aware that in some study abroad programs, students are not allowed to work. However, if possible, I think students should. People of all ages al over the world want to learn English, so there are many opportunities to teach it. I asked the director my my program, and he immediately knew of a job opening. Just ask around! You won’t regret it.

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