England: Vacanze Veneziane



One of the many many perks of being on exchange are the friends you make from all over the world, and the opportunity to be able to visit them in their home country. I got such an opportunity when I traveled to a region in Northern Italy called Veneto to visit my friend Emma. In Veneto, we went to Venice, Vicenza, and Isoa Vicentina, all places that Emma calls home.


When we first stepped out of the train station and saw the main canal, my jaw dropped. I had never seen a more beautiful sight in my life, and it was immediately apparent why so many people fall in love with the floating city. Everywhere I turned I was in awe. Even the small, side canals that were far away from the tourist hotspots looked like something out of a movie!


We stayed the night at Emma’s apartment in Venice (eating plenty of gelato and authentic Italian pizza) before heading back into the city the next morning for some more strolling.


I find it important to say here that from my trip to Venice, I’ve found that the absolute best way to explore any city is to take your time. Italian people don’t find themselves rushed to be anywhere (which leads to the running joke the rest of my friends have about Emma being perpetually late), and this leads to a much more relaxed and calm lifestyle. Sure, seeing the tourist attractions are fun, that’s why they’re tourist attractions, but if you ever find yourself exploring somewhere else, or even just going to The Square, take your time to just walk and see. We spent hours just walking across the island, seeing all the different canals and exploring gelato and mask shops, and it was the best trip I’ve ever been on.



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