Getting Settled in Florence

 I have been living in Florence for 2 full weeks now, yet it still feels like a dream! Everywhere you go there is something new to see, or eat. šŸ™‚ It is a beautiful city, full of culture and life, and I am so thankful this is where I chose to go this summer. We began our travels in the Memphis airport.
 My mom, and Kathleen’s mom, Mrs. Wendy, helped us unpack adventured with us for our first week. We quickly fell in love with our apartment on Via Dei Macci.
 Not only is it a great location, right around the corner from the Santa Croce Cathedral, but we have our own bathrooms AND air conditioning. Just don’t run them all at the same time as the washing machine or your power will go out. We’ve tripped the breaker twice already, but hopefully now we’ve learned our lesson! Lol. The first week we did a lot of walking around and we also did a LOT of eating. The first night, we tried a restaurant called Gilda, right down the street from our apartment. It was very traditional, and no one could speak English, so everything was a surprise. Thankfully, it turned out to be DELICIOUS! Here is my mom and I at Gilda.
Another delicious and traditional restaurant is right next door, Cafe Cibreo. This place is a little more expensive, but totally worth it. Definitely make sure you are hungry, because they bring you a feast. The dishes are different each night, and they bring them out in multiple courses. Make sure you don’t fill up on the bread because the courses get better as they bring them. šŸ™‚ Here’s a photo of the FIRST course!
One of our favorite things we did those first few days was travel to the top of Piazza de Michaelangelo. There are at least a million steps and you will for sure be sweating, but it is worth it for the views. Make sure to be there at sunset. Even though the place will be extremely crowded with tourists, there is nothing like the sun setting over the Florence skyline.
 Oh, and how could I forget! I lived out my Lizzie McGuire dreams on a Vespa tour of Tuscany! This was amazing and if you come to Florence you MUST do a Tuscany vespa tour. Ours included a wine tasting, and a private tour of a gorgeous castle, which was a big plus. The countryside is absolutely breathtaking, and it was nice to Vespa on roads without many cars. They even let me ride the pink Vespa! Yes it is dented, surprisingly that was not from me!
 Of course, I am also going to class. I love my Florence sketchbook class and will be making a more in depth post about it later, but here’s a sneak peak. We draw different parts of Florence each day!
 I have absolutely LOVED my experience of Florence so far, and cannot wait for 4 more weeks here. Ciao for now!

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