Austria: “Get to zee Choppa!” – Doing the Arnold Press in Austria – Staying Fit When There’s Endless Kebab, Schnitzel, Chocolate, and Beer.


Bucketlist check: doing the Arnold Press in Austria.  My favorite bodybuilder is Arnold Swarzeneggar, and getting to do his signature shoulder move in his home country is pretty cool.  It’s basically your common shoulder press, with a bit of a twist to work your entire shoulder and a bit of your chest.

It may not seem like it, but I love working out and bodybuilding. Luckily, AAU offers a modest yet sufficient weight room and *TONS* of fitness classes.  It’s easy to sign up for them, but sadly space is extremely limited.  I was lucky enough to get a Kraftkammer Semesterkarte … a weightlifting center semester membership.  Apparently, they only offer around 150 in total the semester and only reserve 20 of those for Erasmus students.  I was lucky enough to get all my business done pretty early so I was able to snatch one up. As I’ve said in a previous post, it is best to get here as early as possible.  I’m not a big group fitness person, so being able to have access to the weight room was really great.  It’s only a five minute walk from my dorm, so there was no excuse for me not to go haha.

There’s the standard fitness like HIIT, Yoga, biking, swimming, beach volleyball, tennis etc. and more exotic things like mountain climbing, kayaking, and stand-up rowing (not a comedy act… it’s basically kayaking but, you know, standing up) and hang-gliding.

They also offer a side variety of camps.  Biking, volleyball, you name it.  They usually are few day excursions at some point in the semester that you can get credit for.

Or, if you aren’t interested in paying for a membership or classes, you’re surrounded by mountains and the gorgeous Wörthersee is about a 15 minute walk from campus.

For a full list of class offerings are general information, here is the link to the USI website here at AAU:



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