England: Adjusting


My phone began to act weird during my first days here. It may have been because the model I use is about 3 years old or it just has a glitch. As I settled into my new room, I decided to charge my phone. Surprisingly, it charged very quickly. However, when I began to use it, the battery drained quickly as well and did not even last half of the day. On top of that, when my phone would connect to a new wifi server it would restart itself which made trips very inconvenient for me. After researching online, I found that there are two solutions to the battery drainage problem.

  1. Charge it while it is turned off.
  2. Factory reset the phone, which will essentially delete everything.

I chose the former and so far, my phone works much better. As for the spontaneous restarting problem, it stopped as soon as I placed a UK SIM.

So, it seems that as we experience culture shock, our phones can also experience a technical shock as well. But both are curable.

SIM Cards can save lives

If you’re anything like me and are bad at directions or need Google to be on standby 24/7, then a SIM card could be right for you! In Europe, there are various types of SIM cards. The one I am using is one given to us during orientation. It is a Lebara SIM card and it has been working well for me. It is quite simple to insert and there is an app that you can download to track how much you owe, refill your monthly plan, and keep track of how much data you use. My current plan costs £10 for 30 days and includes 3G + 250 UK min + 250 Intl min + 1000 UK SMS.


Different regions of the world use different types of plugs. For laptops, I recommend using an international plug converter. For cellphones, universal converters work as well, but I also recommend buying a charger from a nearby store. This way you can fit in and it won’t be as bulky. These are the ones I am currently using. The black one is my father’s (left). I have been using it for many trips across the world and it is very handy, so I recommend it. The white one is the one used here in England (right). I bought it at a store similar to a Walgreens/CVS called Boots.

I found it interesting how each wall plug has an on/off switch to save energy. I think it’s very useful and mindful. 👍

Thank you for reading! If anyone has had similar stories you would like to share, comment below. I hope this helped. 🙂

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