Jordan: Exploring Jerash


This week I went on an incredible adventure around the city of Jerash!

It started with my teachers and I catching a cab to the bus stop. We each paid our 1JD and got onto the bus. The ride took about an hour and 15 minutes from Amman to get to Jerash. The ride was smooth and full of beautiful views including everything from forestry, villages, and rolling hills. It was absolutely breathtaking the entire way!

We finally arrived and got off the bus. It took us about 15 to walk to the ruins from the bus stop and I seriously could not contain my excitement! In order to access the site, we had to walk through a building that had many venders completely dedicated to selling all kinds of souvenirs.  After buying our tickets we finally entered the site. Of course, we did all the touristy things and took pictures in just about every place you could think of, but the experience was more than that for me! I got to explore this unbelievable place of history!

I could not believe how incredibly detailed every single column, wall, and arch was. Also, when you see things in pictures, you often don’t really have any concept of their actual size. I did not realize just how massive all of these features were until I was standing right underneath them! Also, it should be mentioned that the grounds of the site are massive. We ended up walking over six miles total!

Can I just comment on how pretty all the flowers were here?! This was definitely different from what I’ve seen in Amman. After a full day of exploration, climbing, taking pictures, and enjoying the sun (the weather has been so cold here!) we were ready to go find something to eat! We left the ruins and walked to the nearest bakery/restaurant. The food was so yummy and exactly what we needed! Also, it was so much cheaper than anything we could’ve gotten in Amman.

We ended the day by getting on the bus and heading the hour and 15 back to Amman. Seriously my favorite day here so far! I am so incredibly thankful for my sweet teachers and would definitely recommend Jerash to everyone willing and able to go!

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