England: The Beautiful Month of March – Part I


So many things happened this month. I managed to overcome my homesickness and am now comfortable living here as a student.

Let’s start with some tips on how I have gotten to and from campus! As I mentioned before, it takes about an hour to walk to campus from my dorm, so it is more convenient to take the bus.

An app that is very useful is the First Bus app. There are different types of tickets you can get. I have been buying the “Student Travel” plan which costs about $60 dollars per month. It is cheaper compared to buying one-way tickets each time for $2. The bus does not always come at the scheduled time, but there are alternatives like uber or other buses that can take you to where you need to. With the “Student Travel” plan, you can travel anywhere within West Yorkshire.

For groceries, there is a store in the city centre called Morrisons where you can find a good variety of foods at a good price. Further down, there is even a fresh food market! About 20 minutes (walking) from my dorm, there is a store called Sainsbury’s and that’s where most of my flatmates buy their groceries from. Lastly, there is a store called Aldi that is about a 25-minute walk from my dorm. I was very happy about this one because there is one in my hometown as well, so it felt very familiar as I walked in. All these stores have a wide range of ingredients and snacks, so I know I won’t ever starve or anything.

As you probably know, Europe has a much wider variety of cheeses compare to the States, so one day, I decided to buy a unique kind of cheese. It was recommended to me by a friend. The cheese has pieces of cranberries and at first, I thought I would not like it, but it doesn’t taste too bad. It is great to eat in a sandwich or as a snack.

This month was extra special because it is my birthday month! I was able to explore Leeds with my friends and eat delicious foods. I also joined an acapella group with some of my flatmates and performed at an event in one of the university’s societies. It was very fun and I am glad I decided to step out of my comfort zone to try something new.

I started the month off hoping that the weather would become warmer, but there were only a few days of spring. Nevertheless, I still made the best of this month.

Kitty Cafe in Leeds

In the first days of March, my friends and I went to a kitty cafe. We never expected a kitty cafe here, so we reserved a spot to visit the cats. Most of the cats ignored us or only came to use to steal our food, but that’s normal. They reminded me of my cats at home.


For my birthday, I visited a Vietnamese restaurant which had the most delicious food. That day I spent most of it with my close friend, Kyra. We did some shopping around town after class that morning. Instead of a birthday cake, I really wanted a fruit tart, so we visited a dessert shop and ate some there.

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