England: The Beautiful Month of March Part II


The latter half of March had its ups and downs but it was overall amazing. I had to write essays for my linguistics class and it was stressful, but I learned so much from writing them. The grading system and social life are so different that it is intriguing to me. Since the linguistics department is so much bigger here, I am thankful that I can take classes that would not be available at home. I have nature and friends to thank for helping me de-stress this semester.

I visited a nice cafe near my dorm with one of my flatmates who is from Japan. It’s called The Secret Garden Cafe. It’s a small cafe that sells handmade greeting cards and handmade cakes. I ordered a cappuccino and a strawberry sponge cake, which was delicious!!

Cappuccino with a leaf drawing on it.

On the penultimate day of the month, I joined my friends on a university trip where we visited the sites where Harry Potter was filmed. We took a bus to Alnwick Castle, passed by the Angel of the North, and went into a city called Durham. We were a group of about 50 students. The trip included a guided tour of the city of Durham and some free time to explore around the area.

The Angel of the North sculpture was interesting to see. I didn’t know that it had much meaning behind it, like representing our evolving hopes and fears. It’s like a guardian in some way. The designer, Anthony Gormley, made its wings bent forward to create a “sense of embrace.” I thought this was a sweet gesture on his part.

When we arrived at Alnwick Castle, I was fascinated by the beautiful scenery and the architecture. My friends and I took this opportunity to take as many pictures as we could and walk around. We saw a group of people in broomstick training. There was a mix of adults, children and teens.

Afterwards, we visited a tree house where we sat down at a cafe. We also visited a daffodil garden. Although the weather that day was cloudy and rainy, I spent the whole day laughing until my mouth hurt.

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