England: University Differences


School is definitely different here in Leeds. In this blog post, I will talk about three of the biggest differences between the University of Leeds and the University of Mississippi.

1)I did not have to pay for any books this semester! All of my readings were online, and any other papers that the students needed for class, our professors printed out for us. I know that in certain subjects people had to buy books, but for the most part our readings can be found online or in the library. I love this!!

2) Classes do not meet that often during the school week. One of my three hour classes only meets for an hour a week. Another six hour class only meets for 2-3 hours a week. However, this just means that you have to do a lot more independent studying which is hard to get used to. Honestly, I am still getting used to it. I feel like I have so much free time (which sometimes I do), but I also have to make time to do all of my school work.

A picture in front of the iconic “bacon” statue on campus

3) Break time here in Leeds is so much longer! At the University of Leeds, we have the whole month of April off. Because I am used to the University of Mississippi’s schedule, I thought this was crazy! A whole month off in the middle of the semester!?! Even during the fall semester, I am pretty sure they have around a month break off as well. Having a whole month off sounds amazing, but it’s not always great. For the fall semester students, after the break is over, they come back for exams, and once exams are over, the next semester starts. So, you get a long break during the fall semester, but there is no break between fall final exams and the start of the spring semester. Also, because we have a long break in the middle of the semester, it means that the semester is longer as well. At the University of Leeds, we start spring classes around the same time as the University of Mississippi, but our semester does not end until June 7th, but it’s not that bad because we have three weeks for finals instead of one week.

In London with friends during the break!

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