England: May Days #2


May is soon over and I have only one final exam left. I can’t believe that in less than 20 days, I’ll be heading back home.

The month of exams and preparation:

The exams here are really different from the ones in Oxford. The two exams I took this past week were in an auditorium and a gym. The one in the gym had about 600 students in the room, all taking different exams. We have assigned seats and if we bring our phones, they are to be put in a plastic bag on your desk. Although it was different from what I was used to, I was able to take the exams normally and when it was over, the other 600 students and I breathed in the fresh air as we walked out of the room.


  • First, I would like to mention that in my hometown in Mississippi it is rare to see many people walk around to commute to places. Most of my city is not pedestrian friendly, which makes cars more convenient. Here in Leeds, however, I always see people jogging, running, bicycling, skating, or walking their dogs. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, I have gone out at different times of the day and it’s always the same. I even walked to the grocery store today not expecting to see many people in the park I pass by because it was rainy, but there were people there! I was also the only one with an umbrella. (I noticed that the people here do not use umbrellas much, which is similar to how it is in Ole Miss.) I guess the people living here are already used to the changing weather, so they continue their day as if it was any other day.

I think that after living here for a semester, I have led a healthier lifestyle by cooking for myself more and exercising regularly, and I want to continue this type of lifestyle after going back home. There is so much you miss by only being in your car. I have taken so many pictures of the flowers that I otherwise wouldn’t notice if I used a car to get around.

  • I do not drink alcohol on the regular, but it seems to be a huge deal here. One day, as I was walking to a nearby store, I noticed that there were groups of university students who were dressed up and going to bars. It was surprising to me at first, but after doing some research on it, I found that this was a normal thing. It’s called the Otley Run. It is where various groups of students dress up in costumes and visit as many bars as they can on Otley Road. There is a website that explains the route and gives some tips on how to do this properly. Some of the costumes I have seen include nurses, priests, and Hawaiian style just to name a few.


I went to a restaurant called The Hungry Bear with one of my flatmates to try their Sunday Roast, a popular dish in England. They gave us complimentary soup and the main dish was huge. I wasn’t able to finish it but it was delicious! I ordered pineapple juice with it which was so refreshing. The dessert was tasty as well~

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