Italy: My First Week in Rome!


Ciao! I’m so excited to be sharing my experiences in Rome and around Italy this summer! Leading up to the trip I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to pack or bring with me at all. The weather in Italy is hot, but it is also necessary to have your knees and shoulders covered when entering the many churches (you can see my struggle here). After packing two suitcases and eating some good American food, it was time for my departure. This would be my first time flying across the Atlantic alone. I’m not afraid of flying, but I was afraid of what was to come after landing (going through customs, finding my bag, finding my program, etc.).

The 8 hour flight went by surprisingly fast! I was so excited to be in Italy- it has been my dream to travel here ever since I was in high school. Dealing with a lost luggage in Rome wasn’t how I was expecting to begin my trip, but it ended up being delivered the next day (always bring a carryon with a change of clothes). Next, I was headed to my apartment to meet my two new roommates. Again, I was nervous! So many new things- this was very out of my comfort zone. I arrived at our apartment and met my other two roommates. They were two girls from Arkansas & very similar to my roommate and I. We all grabbed dinner together and explored the city. It was a good first night in Rome to say the least!

The rest of the week we explored our neighborhood of Trastevere and had orientation at our University. The first week in a new country is all very exciting! Going to the grocery store was even an adventure! Have I mentioned the food here is amazing?

First dinner in Rome- so good!

Sadly, classes started a few days later. I’m taking an art history class where we venture to different churches and monuments around the city. I surprisingly love it! Abroad classes are cool because you have class in the morning but get to explore the city the rest of the day- you can’t do that in Oxford haha! In conclusion, it was a good first week in the eternal city!

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