Favorites of Florence


So, it is now the end of week five in Florence. My time here is quickly coming to a close, and I thought one of the best ways to talk about my experience here is to give a list of my favorite haunts in the city and why. This list is by no means, exhaustive. However, if you ever have the chance to visit this phenomenal Tuscan city, my list might give you a few spots to check out during your stay here.

  1. Favorite Study Spot: Ditta Artiginale
    • For those who end up taking courses in Florence and need a great place to study and grind out papers, Ditta Artiginale is an amazing mix of a traditional Italian caffĂ© and the classic American coffee shop. Spending a few hours here will allow you to see Florentines come and get there morning espresso, as well as tourists enjoying a pastry and latte.
  2. Favorite Brunch Spot: Also Ditta Artiginale!
    • Not only is Ditta a great place for coffee, but they serve up a fantastic brunch made up of many American favorites. My go-to is pancakes with syrup and chocolate and a side of fruit! However, if you want something more savory, the avocado toast is one of the most popular dishes.
  3. Favorite Place for After-Dinner Drinks: MayDay Club
    • In the Italian culture, dinner is typically eaten very, very late, and drinks with/after dinner are a mandatory part. If you are looking for a low key spot to enjoy some interesting cocktails, this is the place. Decorated with classic movie posters and old theater seats, this club is an experience in and of itself. Instead of the usual peanuts for a salty bar snack, buttery popcorn makes for a unique treat and gives the feeling of a girls night in gossiping.
  4. Favorite Sunset Site: Ponte Vecchio
    • Typically, the Ponte Vecchio is covered with tourists looking at the various jewelry shops and getting the classic picture over the Arno River. However, around sunset, while still busy, the bridge is much less crowded and has a slower vibe. Many people stop and sit to listen to the live music that plays that night and just enjoy the scenery. The bridge also provides the perfect view of the sun sinking down over the Arno.
  5. Favorite Running Route: Parco delle Cascine
    • If you are only here for a few days, you probably won’t want to lose time seeing the sights by going for a run. However, if you plan to spend weeks or months in Florence and want to keep up with your regular running routine, I highly recommend going to Parco delle Cascine. It is the largest public green space in Florence and has so much acreage to explore.

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