Saying Goodbye to Florence


Well, my time in Florence is coming to a close. The past six weeks have been some of my favorite thus far in my life. I have had so many opportunities to explore the country and experience the amazing and unique culture. If someone had asked me in the first two weeks if I would live here for longer than this trip, I might have said no. Now, after getting to know the city, my answer is absolutely! So, how do you say goodbye to a place that has come to feel a lot like home?

Well let me tell you, it is not easy. For the past few days, I have kept worrying that there was something I missed seeing during my time here or an experience I did not have that I should have. However, I knew I could not see and do everything, so I filled my last few days with my favorite things of Florence. I made sure to get coffee, typically once a day, at Ditta Artiginale and just sit and observe. If a roommate or friend asked me if I wanted gelato, the answer was always yes. (Because really, when can you ever have enough gelato??) When I had free time from classes and studying for finals, I took a relaxing walk to my favorite sites to soak in the Tuscan sun a little more.

Overall, I did the things I have been doing all semester but with a different attitude. I knew each time I did something it may be the last, so I did not rush any of it. Instead, I savored the moment. I made sure I was fully present. Tomorrow is my final day in the city, and I plan to do more of the same. One day, I hope to be back to Florence and experience the same things with a different perspective, but until then, CIAO!

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