South Korea: A Short but Sweet Summer


I finished my finals at Korea University, and I am now back home in Mississippi, so to end this blog series about my time in South Korea, I will talk about some of my favorite things, people, and experiences in Korea!

1 Karaoke:

Going to a Karaoke room with my friends was one of my favorite ways to spend my time! There are so many karaoke rooms around Korea University, and they are really cheap! I am definitely going to miss going to the karaoke rooms and singing with my friends. I really wish there was something like them in Mississippi.

In a karaoke room like always lol

2. Korean Food:

People were worried that I wouldn’t like Korean food because it is so different from American food, but I absolutely loved Korean food. There are many types of food, so I think most people will find something they like! After trying bingsoo in Korea, it became my new favorite dessert because I love cold, sweet desserts like ice-cream and snowcones! It’s not the most traditional of Korean foods like kimchi, but it’s amazing!

Korean food that we made during a Korean Cooking class! (Japchae and Pajeon)

2.5. The Friendly Restaurant Owners:

Sometimes it can be awkward living in Korea as a foreigner because of the language difference, and ordering food can be intimidating at first, but most of the people who work at the restaurants I’ve eaten at are so friendly! One lady was super happy when she found out my friend and I were learning Korean and excitedly talked to us in Korean! Another guy welcomed us into the restaurant with a sing-song voice and animatedly interacted with us during our time at the restaurant! 

3. The KU Summer Program:

The program at KU was amazing. They planned activities during the summer semester for us to experience different parts of Korean culture including making pottery, cooking Korean food, going to the Korean Folk Village, and more! Also, I loved all of the people I met during the program! I have made some amazing friends that I will miss seeing everyday!

Our last activity together! Seeing the Nanta performance!

4. Korean Baseball:

I had so much fun going to a Korean baseball game! They had a ton of different delicious eating options around the stadium, and the cheers were amazing! Whenever a team’s player went up to bat, people who cheered for that team all together sang a cheer song for that player, and each player has a different cheer song! It was so much fun to listen to their enthusiastic singing and try to follow along with the cheers!

5. Reuniting with my Korean Friends:

This is definitely one of the biggest reasons why my time in Korea was so great! I was finally able to reunite with my old friends who studied abroad at Ole Miss! My friends showed me around different parts of Korea, and we were able to catch up on each other’s lives (in person, not just over phone!) and make new memories!!

My Ole Miss Language Partner!

Overall, my time in Korea this summer was super short but amazing, and I can’t wait to go back someday to experience more of Korea!!

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