Edinburgh: Castles and Friends


I have been in Edinburgh for 2 week now and boy have I had every emotion possible! Of course I have been homesick. Yes, I have been anxious. I miss my family and my cat. I miss having a normal size bedroom and bathroom instead of my new tiny flat. BUT, I have also felt overjoyed because I now live in a historic and beautiful city!

Before coming, I was scared of the usual- getting lost in a big city, losing my luggage, etc. The thing I was scared of most, though, was not making friends and not exploring this side of the world. Those anxieties were gone by the first weekend! I found a group of people from around the world who became my close friends instantly. It started out with a group chat for people who wanted to watch The Bachelor together. Now, I was never a fan of the show but the group of people seemed fun to be around so I put my name into the chat and voila! A group of friends to go on adventures with and watch dramatized, melodramatic reality tv shows with.

On our first weekend in Edinburgh, we decided to go to Holyrood Castle. This castle has so much history behind it and it is stunning! We walked down the historic Royal Mile (which is actually 107 yards longer than a mile), we visited the Scottish Parliament and the Museum of Edinburgh, we explored a graveyard where we found the burial place of Adam Smith (the father of capitalism), and we ate at a quaint potato restaurant. Yes, a lot to do in one day but it was definitely memorable!

Since then, me and my new gang have planned out a few more trips and adventures to go on in our next few months together. It looks like Brussels and Prague might be in a future blog so keep on checking in!

If you can take anything from this blog, take this- even if you don’t watch the show, put your name in the group chat anyways because you never know what’ll come of it!

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