Australia: Taking Days to get Down Under


After a total of 17 hours of flying, and somehow skipping Tuesday, I have finally arrived in my new home Sydney, Australia! Figuring out the time differences has been challenging enough, so I decided not to dwell on the fact that I left Monday for 20 hours of travel, yet arrived on Wednesday. Other than the mind boggling time travel, our flight was a breeze. My travel buddy, Haley Clark, and I were fortunate enough to sleep for over half of the longer 14 hour flight, and have yet to feel the jet lag. Although this is still our first day in our apartment, we have already made ourselves completely at home and have even made a trip to the super market with our two other roomies! They are both from the University of Minnesota, so their northern accents contrast mine and Haley’s southern drawl nicely. We decided a glass of wine on our balcony was the perfect way to settle into our new home, and I can already see the lifetime bonds already forming. We plan on attempting to go out to celebrate our first night here, but will see how if the jet lag begins to take a toll on us. Until next time..

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  1. allisonhaun says:

    Ah it sounds so exciting! Enjoy every moment!

  2. allisonhaun says:

    Ahh! Enjoy every minute of your adventure! Looking forward to reading your blog!!

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