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Last week I skipped school to meet a friend from last semester in Amsterdam (I know, shame on me). Amsterdam is definitely the best place I’ve been so far in Europe. I fell in love the minute I got there. Everything about the city is amazing. It’s clean, beautiful, relaxing… I could go on for days. I was only there for three days and it was definitely not enough.

The first day we just explored and went to the Anne Frank Museum. I could have walked through the city all day long, honestly. It’s absolutely breathtaking. It was colder than Greece, obviously, but not too bad since it was sunny most of the time (You hear that, Thessaloniki? Sunny in the Netherlands but not here? What’s your deal?).

Please note all the bikes. All bikes everywhere.


My pictures don’t do it justice at all, but to me it looked like a slightly more “European” London, if that makes any sense.


Here I am in front of the Anne Frank house… not like this picture isn’t pretty self explanatory.

Wednesday night was the Drake concert. I am getting tired of using the word “amazing” to describe this trip, but, you know, it was pretty much that. It was SUCH a good concert. The Weeknd was also there. That dude has crazy stage presence. It was all around an absolutely perfect evening.


Our seats were pretty far back, but I think this picture gives an idea of how many people were there (17,000 if you were wondering).

As any good Ole Miss student should, here I am representing the 38655 in a square downtown.

Hotty Toddy from the Netherlands, guys
Hotty Toddy from the Netherlands, guys

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