Australia: The Best Days of My Life.


First I want to apologize for not writing its been a whirl wind of fun and excitement since I’ve been here.  After moving in and getting everything situated in less then a week I was off to Sydney on a Mardi Gras trip.  After a 13 hour bus ride and transferring charters 3 times we were finally to the hostel we were staying at. Sydney was wet and rainy but that didn’t stop us from exploring as much as possible.  Next stop was the botanical gardens along with the Sydney museum and finished the day off with the Sydney Opera house. Seeing so many Australian name sake’s in one day was absolutely amazing.  The next day we went to the three sisters which are 3 giant rock pillars, Aborigine legend has it that 3 identical twin sisters were about to be split apart do to a powerful man’s will to marry one.  The sisters would change places and confuse the man so he did not know who he was wanting to marry.  The man filled with rage turned all the sisters into stone pillars because, well… if he could not have them them then no and would.  That night was the Mardi Gras,  Now Mardi Gras here and in the states is completely different (no beads at this one unfortunately)! Instead Mardi Gras is a GIANT gay pride party!! We danced the night away and met tons of different people clad in fairy wings, colorful wigs, too too’s, platforms you name it!  The one thing i missed the most though was the apartment complex I’m staying at.

Where I now call home is a big party every single night. It’s about 10 minutes walk from campus and the most amazing place I’ve ever been. There are people living here from EVERYWHERE and I mean seriously you name we have in.  Sweden, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Mexico, Cuba, America(of course), Cuba, Tasmania, Germany, France.. well you get the picture. There’s never a dull moment, there is always something to do, beautiful big pool with volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball coarsest, lap pool, you name it we have it.   Yea, my hair dryer blew out my plug (forgot to change the voltage… Oops) and the air conditioner doesn’t really work that great. HEY who needs to dry their hair everyday anyway,  and fans work magic!  Australia is the most amazing place in the entire world and coming here was the best choice I have made in my entire life.  I’m in love with everything people, plants, feelings, food and most of all the experiences I’m having.  There are negatives but the positives out weigh them by a long shot.  Food and Alcohol are very expensive so everyone’s primary staple is frozen meat pie’s and boxed wine, yea you read it right… boxed wine haha (:  The food portion is quite hard for me, I’m a new vegan and well let’s just say fruits and nuts are a lot more expensive than in the states (with the exception of grapes, that are now my new staple.) Today out of nowhere the most amazing thing happened! I found a farmers market located on our campus!! After about almost peeing my pants in excitement I picked up a box and filled it up.  Only words to describe that is pure bliss.

Since I have been “down under” i’ve had such a new love and appreciation for life.  I’ve met people that have changed my life forever and will definitely be bridesmaids in my wedding (;  Don’t get me wrong I’ve never not appreciated what I’ve had in my life, but it’s at a whole new level.  I feel as if a part of me was missing and traveling around the world I have found a missing piece of me. The best way to describe it I’d say is I’m in a state of marvel.  My hair is never perfectly blow dried, I’m usually sweating, and I’m now on a boxed wine kick, but it is safe to say I’m living every single minute to the fullest because without a doubt these are the best days of my life.

xoxoxo, Heather (:





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