South Africa: A few stops prior to arriving


I’ve been in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for about a month now, but I must say that the journey to get here was quite interesting. Days before I left, I experienced numerous thoughts and emotions about leaving my comfort zone for 5 months. However, after much preparation and planning, things finally kicked off. I said goodbye to my family and anxiously boarded the plane to begin the trip of a lifetime. I can honestly say that the idea of being in a foreign country was a bit nerve-wracking. Luckily, my aunt offered to accompany me for a short time. Prior to arriving in Port Elizabeth, we decided to stop in London and Paris for a few days.

IMG_0134   imageIMG_0107


Touring these magnificent cities was incredible and I was starting to think that this trip couldn’t get any better…. until we arrived in South Africa. Upon arrival we were greeted by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University staff and taken to the hotel where were would be staying.


Once we were settled in, the other international students and I took advantage of our free time and took off to explore the city before attending orientation.

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