South Africa: Paying it Forward


After visiting the township, I spent a lot of time thinking about ways I could give back to this community. During a conversation with a classmate, I learned of an opportunity to join the Unity in Africa Foundation. As a volunteer, I have the chance to go into the township and work with the Bathandwa Ndwayana Dream Club, where I assist children with their homework. The Dream Club was founded by a former teacher, whose teaching contract was not renewed. He is very passionate about helping the kids beat the odds and it is because of him that the kids are able to get the extra help they need.


One of the most difficult things I am facing while volunteering, is the communication between the students and I. Most of the students’ first language is Xhosa, so it is sometimes hard for us to understand each other. There are some students who do speak English Fluently, however, there are sometimes communication struggles because their accents are so thick.


Volunteering with the Unity in Africa Foundation has truly made by study abroad experience one to remember.


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