South Africa: A reflection on my time abroad


As I reflect on my time in South Africa, I could not be more grateful for my experiences, adventures, friends I’ve made, and the knowledge I gained over the past four months. When I decided to come to this place, I struggled to imagine what study abroad would consist of and how I would grow as an individual in the coming months. As I write this final Rebels Abroad post, I can confidently say that my study abroad experience was more worthwhile than what I imagined, and I have left this country a more mature, open-minded, and well-rounded individual.


Removing myself from my comfort zone and living in South Africa has taught me the value of diversity and the importance of tolerance. It pushed me to place myself in uncomfortable situations in order to discover more about myself and about the world. Living in a culture where I was not familiar with the cultural norms, struggled to understand the accent, and worried when crossing the street about what side the cars were coming from, helped me understand the world in a totally new way. I could have never imagined my adventure turning out the way that it did. I have met unique people, experienced an amazing culture and the life lessons has changed me for the better. The happiness of the citizens consistently made me feel welcomed during my stay and I cannot think of a better place for me to have studied. South Africa has captured my heart and provided me with a life changing experience.

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