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Ahoy!! (Good day in Czech!) So I have been living in Prague for a little over a week now, and it is just the most magical place. That is so cliche if you have ever heard about Prague, but it is so true! I find myself in awe and disbelief that I live here every time I walk around this wonderful place. Every building is a light pastel color of pink, yellow, blue or purple, so basically I live in a rainbow city. The buildings have the most elaborate architecture and each one is so unique. People here do not have the southern charm of Oxford, Mississippi, but most speak English, so that is definitely a positive. I am slowly but surely learning Czech…aka, I know 5 or 6 words, but hey, it’s a hard language. It’s also cool because Czech isn’t “typical” like most Spanish or French classes that most people take. I am studying here with CEA, and they equipped me with the smallest but coziest little apartment. We have the basic necessities; beds, a kitchen, dresser, however, we do NOT have a dryer or a shower. But lucky enough for us, we have the beloved European bedai. (My roommate and I may or not just stash it with extra toilet paper, LOL) I am very centrally located, so I am about a 10-15 minute walk to just about anywhere, that is if I catch up with my fast-paced 5’8+ friends. Food here is relatively cheap and Prague is a very large beer city, so you can get a meal, side, and beer for about $6. I have been eating at restaurants a lot because grocery shopping at Tesco is a nightmare. The smells of meat take over the building, and I have no idea what products are what. Last weekend I thought that I bought cream for my coffee, and when I asked Gabby (my cheese head Wisconsin roommate) to check to make sure it smelled okay, we looked at our “Czech items” cheat sheet to find out that is was spoiled milk. They actually sell spoiled milk. Yuck! I just started classes yesterday and it looks like a hard semester ahead. Though I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday, each one is a brutal 3.5 hours. We are given a 10 minute break, but you know how those intersession classes can be, and well…. they’re long. I am still a bit jet-lagged, but absolutely loving living here and looking forward to the semester ahead!!! Cheers!

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