Elizabeth: ¡Hola de Argentina!


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¡Hola de Córdoba, Argentina!

I have been here for 3 weeks now and am absolutely loving it, even though I still have a long way to go and a lot to figure out.

I live in the city of Córdoba, also known as Argentina’s “second city”. It is also considered to be the cultural center of Argentina. I live in a student residential apartment with Megan, also from Ole Miss. We share a room and live on a floor with around seven other students. It’s a really good time!


These past three weeks have been spent trying to get to know the city and the rest of the province. For class, we have to travel all the way to the Universidad Católica de Córdoba, which is about a 40 minute bus ride away. The classes I am taking are interesting, but they are all in Spanish, so it’s definitely something to get adjusted to.

However, in order to help bridge the language gap (and the dialect gap since Argentine Spanish is different than any other Spanish I’ve ever heard), we are taking an Advanced Spanish course taught by the coolest professor ever. Just yesterday we found out that she used to be a model and was Miss Córdoba a few years ago. How awesome is that?

On our first weekend here, Megan and I decided to do a little exploring and travel to a little Germanic village within the province called La Cumbrecita. We went with some of the other exchange students. It was a sleepy little tourist town, but the views were incredible. Our first day we chowed down on some good asado (Argentine barbecue – the rumors are true: Argentina does have the best beef in the world), and found a secluded little rock beach along the river. Our second day, we hiked (and I mean really hiked) to a large waterfall and spent the day relaxing by the freezing cold water.

I’m looking forward to having more adventures in this amazing country and I will keep you guys updated along the way!


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