Elizabeth: Road Rebs


I cannot believe that my time abroad is beginning to come to a close!

The month of June has been filled with final presentations, parciales (tests) and anxiously waiting to see if it is necessary to take my finals or being able to miss them due to my passing grades.

I haven’t had much chance to travel, but last weekend Megan and I met up with William, another rebel abroad in Chile, in Buenos Aires for a weekend of being tourists and exploring another cool city.


We booked this incredible AirBnB loft. Not that there is anything wrong with hostels, but it was nice to come back after a long day of exploring to our own bathroom and beds.

I have already been to the city, but I definitely did not mind repeating some of the things I had already done, including eating at this delicious Peruvian restaurant, taking a walking tour (I took it this time in Spanish), and exploring the huge Sunday market (I stocked up on gifts).


We ate at some incredible restaurants and were blessed with gorgeous weather all weekend. On our first night we saw this awesome show called “Fuerza Bruta”. Think “Cirque du Soleil” meets an interactive experience. The next day was the walking tour, honestly one of my absolute favorite parts of visiting the city, since you see a lot in one go. For dinner, Megan found us a really cool sushi restaurant in which we watched the end of Argentina’s soccer match and the beginning of Chile’s. On Sunday, we explored the San Telmo Market and museum hopped, ending the afternoon with a super late lunch by the famed Recoleta Cemetery and went to an Argentine Parilla (steakhouse) that night. Monday, we explored the colorful streets of the caminito and had a very relaxing afternoon. That night we met up with Maddie and Rebecca, two girls from Ole Miss studying there.  Tuesday, Megan and I went to the US embassy so that she could get a new passport. Tuesday night, I caught a late bus, unfortunately missing the shutout game that was Argentina vs. USA.

argentina jersey

We both really enjoyed catching up with our fellow rebs abroad. To me, this is one of the coolest parts of study abroad, being able to meet up with fellow Ole Miss rebels and exploring a new part of the world together. It has been so much fun meeting and making new friends in hostels, housing and random encounters. But, it’s also really nice to meet up with familiar faces in  new settings. We caught up on each other’s adventures and had ones of our own. It makes for some great stories to tell.


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