Tokyo, Japan: Kawaii Monster Cafe

When I was first recommended to go here by a friend because of the rainbow food served here, I was expecting a small, cutesy cafe like most restaurants in Tokyo.  However, when I went up to floor of the building that it was located in, I see this: img_9235

Discreet, right?

True to what I had originally expected, all of the food, beverages, and desserts are rainbow or monster themed. I ordered the rainbow pasta:


The sauces from blue to red were: cream sauce, cheese whiz, pesto, mustard, and ketchup. I’m not sure why they opt to give you ketchup instead of marinara or pasta sauce but it makes it all the more an interesting experience.


There are four different areas you can be seated in. The area that my friend and I were seated in was a bunch of private booths under colorful mushroom caps.  It is the most popular and also the loudest area as there is hyper J-pop playing loudly throughout the restaurant.  But near the bathrooms there are quieter areas to sit in. Visually, it is just as intense.


And speaking of bathrooms…



On most days there is also a performance every hour complete with crazy, kawaii costumes and dancing.


If you are in Tokyo, and looking for a kawaii overload, I recommend going here!

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